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CMAA's Mission is to promote the profession of construction management and the use of qualified construction managers on capital projects and programs. Our Vision is that all owners will realize capital project and program success by using professionally qualified construction managers. CMAA was formed in 1982 as a way to establish a set of standards for managing capital construction projects. Construction management is rooted in traditional project management practices, however, it requires its own unique set of skills and professional knowledge to perform. One of CMAA's goals is to help the construction management profession further develop its own unique identity within the Architecture/Engineering/Construction industry.

What Does CMAA Represent?

The professional construction management services concept has grown out of a universal recognition throughout the design and construction community that quality-focused, cost-effective, dispute- and injury-free project delivery does not occur without a deliberate commitment and effort to manage the project delivery process. The cost and complexity of today’s capital projects, the importance of time, and the need to deal with unanticipated events and unforeseen conditions all argue the need for an integrated and managed approach to planning, design, and construction of the built environment.
Owners are faced with an array of project delivery options, each of which involves costs and benefits matched against the needs of the owner and the specific project. The task of management is to ensure that the value of those various project delivery methodologies is realized in achieving the owner’s objectives.
Professional construction management services are selected on the basis of qualifications and experience matched to the needs of the owner and the project and compensated on the basis of a negotiated fee for the scope of services rendered. This approach results in a cost-effective, dedicated representation of the owner’s interests free from potential conflicts with regard to the cost of the project.


CMAA has nearly 16,000 members, including individual CM practitioners, corporate members, and construction owners in the public and private sectors, along with academic and associate members. CMAA also has 29 regional chapters and student chapters at colleges and universities across the country. Join CMAA today!

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Looking for more info about the CM profession? Visit the "What is Construction Management" page, or download the "Construction Management: Evolution of a Profession" white paper, for free.

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