Becoming a CCM

Do you have what it takes to become a CCM?    


Please be sure to read the Application Handbook and watch the short video for brief details on the application process.

Determine your Eligibility

To become a Certified Construction Manager (CCM), you must have a requisite amount of experience and/or education. The eligibility requirements are outlined below:

  1. 48 months experience as a CM in the qualifying areas as defined by the Qualifications Matrix
  2. ONE of the following:
    • An undergraduate (4-year BA/BS level) or graduate qualifying degree.
    • A 2-year undergraduate qualifying degree (AA/AS level) AND 4 years experience in general design/construction.
      (This experience is in addition to the 48 month CM requirement.)
    • No degree in construction management, architecture, engineering or construction science AND 8 years experience in general design/construction.
      (This experience is in addition to the 48-month CM requirement.)

Degree Requirements

CMCI accepts degrees granted by accredited colleges and universities recognized by the Council for Higher Education (CHEA) and the U.S. Department of Education. To find out if your school is accredited, please visit the CHEA website.

Qualifying Degrees

  • Construction Management
  • Construction Engineering Technology 
  • Construction Science
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Architecture

If you are qualifying for the CCM by using a degree listed above, you must submit evidence of the degree - photocopy of diploma - or have official transcripts sent from the accredited University. Degrees obtained outside the United States must adhere to the International Degree Policy.

Do You Qualify?

Before completing an application, make sure you meet the requirements of the certification program by completing the Qualifications Matrix. This is the same matrix that is required of all applicants to complete in the application package.

Qualifications Matrix

This matrix represents the functions/roles of a Construction Manager during project phases as defined by CMAA in its publication CM Standards of Practice. The gray areas represent the MINIMUM qualifying experience for the 48 month CM experience. This is cumulative experience; you do not need 48 months in each area. In order to enroll in the program, you MUST have experience in the gray areas. If you do not have the requisite experience, please do not submit an application at this time.

There are 30 possible experience areas. For each function/role and phase, ask yourself the following question:

Did the decisions that you were empowered to make directly impact the successful completion of the project and were you directly responsible in charge of construction management services and for protecting the interests of the project/owner?

If you can answer "yes "to both parts of the question, then select the checkbox in that area; if you answer "no" then do not check that box.

To qualify for the program, you MUST be able to answer "yes" to all of the required areas as marked by the brackets. If you cannot answer "yes" to the required areas, then do not submit an application at this time. You will be asked to verify this experience in the project attachments in the application.

For additional information about what each matrix phase and function means to the Board of Governors, you can read the Qualification Matrix Addendum









Project Management


Cost Management


Time Management


Quality Management


Contract Administration


Safety Management




Please be sure to read the Application Handbook.  This phase of the process consists of completing all information required in the application:

  1. Provide your professional resume.
  2. A copy of your degree or an official college transcript showing proof of your qualifying degree.  If using experience instead of education, document your 8 years of general construction or design experience.
  3. Provide a minimum of two unique references for CMCI to contact via email.  

For this part of the process, you need to complete the application including qualification matrix for each your project experience and at least one reference per project. The application and project documentation is sent to CMCI.  Upon receiving an application, all references will be contacted via email by CMCI and given a form to complete. These forms must be sent back to CMCI in a sealed envelope with their signature over the seal. (You may want to prepare your references by notifying them the form will be coming via email). 


Once you are advanced to candidacy, you are eligible to take the Certification Exam. The exam is on demand now, you will pick one location and three dates that will fit your schedule best and we will do our best to accommodate your request.  The exam uses these primary references:

  • CMAA's "CM Standards of Practice"
  • CII's Best Practice's Guide "Improving Project Performance IR 166-3"

Based on the results of the 2009 CM industry survey, the CMCI Board of Governors has modified the quantity of the CM certification exam questions to incorporate the following breakdown in percentages.

  • Project Management 15%
  • Cost Management 15%
  • Time Management 16%
  • Contract Administration 19%
  • Quality Management 11%
  • Professional Practice 9%
  • Safety & Risk Management 15%

Exam Format. The exam is five hours in length and taken in one sitting. The exam itself is four hours and fifty minutes with a ten minute survey at the end. Candidates may leave when finished. In most cases, results are immediately delivered.Questions are multiple choice. Some require mathematical calculations.

Passing Score. The passing score varies among the test forms. The passing score is developed by a modified Angoff Method. As a guideline, passing scores range from 65-66%.  The pass rate percentage of candidates who successfully pass the current CCM exam is 83%.

Exam Re-Takes. If you do not pass the exam the first time, you may re-take the exam up to two more times. No candidate will be allowed to take the exam more than three times. Re-takes will not be scheduled within 45 days of having taken the exam.  If you fail all three attempts at the exam, you will need to wait a minimum of one year and start the application process over again.

Exam Schedule. Once you are approved for the exam, you can make your appointment for a time when an authorized PSI testing center is open. 

Preparation Recommendations:

The CM Core Competencies provides a general outline of the subject matter on which the exam has been developed and includes an attached bibliography containing publications to purchase. If you are interested in obtaining CMAA publications to assist with your preparation, you may purchase the CM Standards of Practice Study Kit through CMAA. For any specific questions about any of the publications listed, click here.

Certification Program Fees

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$325 For CMAA Members/$425 for Non-Members

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Military Personnel

The CCM is covered under the GI Bill and the COOL programs.

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